Sunday, December 16, 2007

Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures (AUG 1981 - APRIL 1983) recorded and self released a 4 song EP 1984, as well as a live-to-multitrack set which ended up as the first Failsafe Records release, Wasted Again.

Eugene Butcher - VocalsErik Van Den Hoven - BassShane O Neil - GuitarGreg Hussey - Drums

1984 Single

Toy Love

Toy Love were a New Zealand new wave band that grew out of the country's first punk band, The Enemy. And while their small number of recordings were pretty much by-the-numbers new wave pop with a few moments of inspiration, Toy Love (and especially their founding member Chris Knox) proved to be an important starting point for New Zealand's alternative rock scene of the '80s

Bride Of Frankenstein Single

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Johnnies - Approximate time period - 1982 - 1984. Political punk offerings from this notorious Christchurch punk outfit. Featured vocals from Rick Tindall. Seemed to attract riots and fighting to their gigs which eventually led to them not being able to play at any of the venues in town.Released one 7" EP - Who Killed Johnny, with 3 suitably anti-government tracks on it.

Failsafe records

Gov't don't care
And you
Who killed Johnnie

Unrestful Movements - Are you a Fireman EP

5 Track EP
A band of our type
Anti trend
Plastic bullets
Really different
Street violence

ECF - Radio we are not kidding

chris and shayne mason, ljinon mihell and brett frazer put out an ep on new future (with the lovely title of 'radio w.a.n.k.') that seems to pop up everywhere.